Stealing Fire
by Steven Kotler
"Reading Stealing Fire, Mr. Lang-Willar said, he became convinced that nothing less than a ‘cultural awakening’ was underway."
by Robert Cialdini Ph.D.
"The great social psychologist Robert Cialdini has written another timeless and indispensable book about the psychology of influence. I'll be recommending it for years and years...."
The Art of the Start 2.0
by Guy Kawasaki
"The Art of the Start 2.0 is the ultimate entrepreneurship handbook. Kawasaki’s generous wisdom, tips, and humor reflect his successes and failures. We can all benefit from his in..."
The Fish That Ate the Whale
by Rich Cohen
"This biography of the complex and often contradictory figure of Zemurray is Cohen's most engaging and entertaining book to date."
Your Best Year Ever
by Michael Hyatt
"Generous goals work (if you write them down) and powerful books work (if you read them). Michael Hyatt has created a fun, fast way to find your dreams and then turn them into reali..."
The Culture Map
by Erin Meyer
"The book abounds with well-chosen anecdotes to illustrate the misunderstandings that can arise from clashing cultural assumptions, making this enlightening book a pleasure to read...."
Word of Mouth Marketing
by Andy Sernovitz
"The book arrived in good condition just as advertised. Great book if you are a marketer who would like to know how to implment successful WOM campaigns...."
The Ten-Day MBA 4th Ed.
by Steven A Silbiger
"Exceeded my expectations. I bought it mostly to brush up on some business school jargon but I learned a lot on a wide range of topics."
by Daniel H. Pink
"Known for his popular books on motivation and creativity, Pink tackles the science behind how we organize our time and how we should set up the routines of our days...."
Rise and Grind
by Daymond John
"Another great book for Entrepreneurs and really anyone wanting to be successful in business and life. Great success stories are provided to learn from and implement what works well..."
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