Choose Yourself!
by James Altucher
"Great way to start out morning and feel compelled to focus on your projects. Stories, examples, ideas, they’re all there"
Zero to One
by Peter Thiel
"An extended polemic against stagnation, convention, and uninspired thinking. What Thiel is after is the revitalization of imagination and invention writ large…..."
The Compound Effect
by Darren Hardy
"I like the readability of the book, and the effort put into motivating any regardless of your current situation, income, etc."
Crucial Conversations Tools f...
by Kerry Patterson
"The quality of your life comes out of the quality of your dialogues and conversations. Here's how to instantly uplift your crucial conversations."
The Slight Edge
by Jeff Olson
"The slight edge teaches you how to break down massive dreams and success into simple daily habits repeated consistently over time"
Never Split the Difference
by Chris Voss
"Chatty and friendly and packed with helpful resources, this is an intriguing approach to business and personal negotiations."
The $100 Startup
by Chris Guillebeau
"The money you have is enough. Chris makes it crystal clear: there are no excuses left. START. Start now, not later. Hurry."
The Success Principles(TM) - ...
by Jack Canfield
"Great book, great read, great gift for anyone committed to becoming a Master of Life!"
by Greg McKeown
"As a self-proclaimed maximalist who always wants to do it all, this book challenged me and improved my life. If you want to work better, not just less, you should read it too...."
The Checklist Manifesto
by Atul Gawande
"Gawande deftly weaves in examples of checklist successes in diverse fields like aviation and skyscraper construction. . . . Fascinating reading."
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