Smarter Faster Better
by Charles Duhigg
"Duhigg is the man! I'd rank him up there with Gladwell, maybe even better. Read this as well as his book on habits. Seriously life changing."
by Adam Grant
"This was a worthwhile read with a great combination of insights brought to life by anecdotes and research and recommendations for actions to foster originality...."
Tribe of Mentors
by Tim Ferriss
"If you read one self-help book this year, let this be it. If you have always hated self-help books, this one will change your mind."
by Ray Dalio
"Ray Dalio has provided me with invaluable guidance and insights that are now available to you in Principles."
Stealing Fire
by Steven Kotler
"Reading Stealing Fire, Mr. Lang-Willar said, he became convinced that nothing less than a ‘cultural awakening’ was underway."
Hacking Growth
by Sean Ellis
"Hacking Growth is the definitive guide to building authentic, sustainable, compounding growth for your company"
The Startup Way
by Eric Ries
"A twenty-first century toolkit that will allow any company to flourish"
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