The Subtle Art of Not Giving ...
by Mark Manson
"Mark’s ability to dig deep and offer amazing, yet counter-intuitive, insight into the challenges of life makes him one of my favorite writers, and this book is his best work yet...."
Shoe Dog
by Phil Knight
"The best book I read last year. Phil is . . . a gifted storyteller."
Tools of Titans
by Timothy Ferriss
"Tools of Titans...is the perfect read for obsessives wanting to boost their new year productivity."
Never Split the Difference
by Chris Voss
"Chatty and friendly and packed with helpful resources, this is an intriguing approach to business and personal negotiations."
by Jonah Berger
"Very engaging, insightful, and surprising book. Finished it in 2 days. I’ll be rereading this one."
Deep Work
by Cal Newport
"As a presence on the page, Newport is exceptional in the realm of self-help authors."
The Power of Broke
by Daymond John
"Daymond John’s journey proves that desperation breeds innovation, and The Power of Broke breaks it down for us with straight talk from a guy who knows what it takes to make somet..."
by Jake Knapp
"Read this book and do what it says if you want to build better products faster."
by Robert Cialdini Ph.D.
"The great social psychologist Robert Cialdini has written another timeless and indispensable book about the psychology of influence. I'll be recommending it for years and years...."
What If It Does Work Out?
by Susie Moore
"Susie Moore is a powerhouse… highly energetic, positive, generous and creative."
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