David and Goliath
by Malcolm Gladwell
"Fascinating....Gladwell is a master of synthesis. This perennially bestselling author prides himself on radical re-thinking and urges the rest of us to follow suit...."
Elon Musk
by Ashlee Vance
"I really loved this book. A glimpse into the success mindset for sure. I recommend it."
Extreme Ownership
by Jocko Willink
"One of the best books on leadership I've ever read and a tremendous war story book as well."
The $100 Startup
by Chris Guillebeau
"The money you have is enough. Chris makes it crystal clear: there are no excuses left. START. Start now, not later. Hurry."
The Success Principles(TM) - ...
by Jack Canfield
"Great book, great read, great gift for anyone committed to becoming a Master of Life!"
The Promise of a Pencil
by Adam Braun
"For anyone with a big dream to transform the world, this book will show you how to get it done."
The Magic of Thinking Big
by David Schwartz
"This book covered all aspects of your life and how to make it better. This book really helps those that want to improve themselves as a better person."
Poke the Box
by Seth Godin
"This book was just the motivation I needed on my airplane flight to a convention in Vegas... I stand ready... to GOGOGO!"
by Gabriel Weinberg
"Anyone--founders, managers, and executives--trying to break through to new customers can use this smart, ambitious book."
The Art of the Start 2.0
by Guy Kawasaki
"The Art of the Start 2.0 is the ultimate entrepreneurship handbook. Kawasaki’s generous wisdom, tips, and humor reflect his successes and failures. We can all benefit from his in..."
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