The Total Money Makeover
by Dave Ramsey
"Dave Ramsey gives clear, concise info on getting back on financial track. I got it for a friend who is in a bind. I truly think it will help."
Thinking, Fast and Slow
by Daniel Kahneman
"Daniel Kahneman demonstrates forcefully in his new book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, how easy it is for humans to swerve away from rationality."
The ONE Thing
by Gary Keller
"Awesome, i am a KW agent, but this isn’t just a how to on being a successful real estate agent, it is a guide for approaching life head on and making it all worth it...."
Choose Yourself!
by James Altucher
"Great way to start out morning and feel compelled to focus on your projects. Stories, examples, ideas, they’re all there"
The Slight Edge
by Jeff Olson
"The slight edge teaches you how to break down massive dreams and success into simple daily habits repeated consistently over time"
Delivering Happiness
by Tony Hsieh
"This is such an inspirational and empowering book. The path to becoming extremely successful in anything is to put other’s happiness first. Incredible!..."
Mini Habits
by Stephen Guise
"Of the thousands of self-help ideas I have encountered over the decades, I rate the information in this book as among the very best."
by Joseph Grenny
"Fantastic book. Filled with examples of real change and the underlying reasons for the changes success. Strongly recommend it. I will be reading it again..."
The Entrepreneur Mind
by Kevin D. Johnson
"This book is where every 'wannabe' entrepreneur should start...these potentially controversial mindsets ring true. Enjoy."
by Chip Heath
"Great book, love the real life examples and mini case-studies to get point across. A must read for anyone looking to augment decision making processes"
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